HI-Scot Credit Union

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Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Membership

1. To become a member of HI-Scot Credit Union a person must live or work within the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, be over 16 years of age and have permanent UK residence. Junior accounts are available for those under 16 years of age.

2. Members must maintain a minimum balance of £1 to retain membership of the Credit Union. Membership will commence from the date of the first deposit.

3. Cash deposits can be made at the Credit Union office, any paypoint outlet or post office by presenting a membership card. Large deposits of coin should always be made at a post office where they have the facilities to count large numbers of coins quickly and accurately.

4. Each member is permitted to hold a maximum of £10,000 in HI-Scot Credit Union. Deposits may be subject to Money Laundering Verification. Cheque deposits require a minimum of ten working days clearance from the date of deposit.

5. Members may make unlimited withdrawals, subject to the terms of any loan or other service.  Electronic transfer requests to your bank account can be made by phoning the Credit Union office or requesting the transfer in person. Cash withdrawals can also be made at the Credit Union office and are restricted to £250 per member per day (subject to availability of cash). 

6. An annual dividend may be paid, gross of tax, on all sums deposited, subject to surplus. HI-Scot Credit Union is not responsible for tax declarations and does not give advice on tax due on dividends. Please contact HMRC for advice.

7. Any dividend will be recommended by the Board of Directors and authorised by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The dividend will be paid as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting and may be freely withdrawn by the member.

8. Interest is paid on Junior accounts at the rate of 0.5% per annum.

9. Members who leave the Credit Union before the dividend is paid forfeit the right to any dividend. In addition, a dividend will not be paid to members who have a current bad debt with the Credit Union.

10. A member may leave the Credit Union at any time without penalty providing no debts are outstanding. All share accounts will terminate on closure of membership.


Tarrif of Charges

Membership Fee       £2.00

Dormancy Fee         £10.00



  • Dormancy Fee may be charged when there has been no activity on an account for a period of at least 12 months. Our dormancy fee will not be charged to those accounts which have a balance of more than £10.00 (accounts with a balance of more than £10.00 are not considered to be dormant).


  • HI-Scot has the right to pass on any bank charges incurred by the credit union including (but not restricted to) unpaid item fees or refer to drawer cheques.


Find Us here:
  • HI-Scot Credit Union
  • Tel: 01851 701865
  • Fax: 01851 701542
  • Email: info@hi-scot.com
  • Web: http://www.hi-scot.com
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